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Do you Remember?

Remember Benghazi?  Remember the 4 dead Americans including the Ambassador?  Remember the ineptitude of the State Department?  Remember who was running the State Department at the time?

Well, Hillary wants you to forget all about it.

Hillary Clinton: Benghazi-wont-affect-whether-I-run-for-president

Oh yes, Hillary knows all about the "evidence-based world", they are called FACTS which she ignores, refutes and redefines as a way of life.

"But the woman who was once considered a divisive figure in American politics, yet leaves office as one of its most popular, remained coy about whether she would run for president in 2016."
Really, Hillary? You're going to run and you and I and everyone else with one working brain cell know it. 

And I find it an extremely sad and disturbing commentary on American politics that you are considered by anyone (with the exception of Bubba) to be 'one of the most popular' Secretaries of State.

Nailed It!

Michael Goodwin has nailed Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton Fawning-Farewell Tour
She came, she cried, she conquered, proving it will take more than a lethal terror attack on her watch to sink the unsinkable Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton sailed triumphantly through Congress last week on her way out the State Department door, shredding expectations she would face a tough grilling. The cooling breezes from Democratic punkahwallahs and the fearful quaking from Republican wimps turned what should have been riveting revelations about the Benghazi slaughter into a day of air balls.

The highlights of her appearances — Clinton’s teary eyes over the deaths and furious “What difference does it make?” outburst — mattered only because she showed emotion. Otherwise, she was forced to give up nothing except a few hours of her time.

She was all smiles and chipper the next day when she went back to the Senate with her nominated successor, Sen. John Kerry. Her glide out of government, and alm…