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Dereliction of Duty

Barack Hussein Obama likes to remind us that HE is POTUS -President of the United States- and Commander-in-Chief.

The buck stops with him. Supposedly.

On September 11th terrorists attacked the American consulate in Libya and murdered 4 Americans. 

At first we were told it was a spontaneous protest of a You Tube video that had taken an ugly turn. Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama wanted us to believe this.

Now we know that was a lie. 
Now we know that help was requested. And denied.

The Intelligence community was the first to be thrown under the bus.
Then Hillary Clinton threw herself under the bus.

What bus is this you ask.
It's the Barack Hussein Obama Re-election Campaign Bus, of course.

Barack Hussein Obama - President, Commander-in-Chief, Buck-stopper  Buck-Passer - has done nothing about the Libyan terrorist attack except to interrupt his campaign-and-talk-show tour long enough to meet the caskets at the airport.

Oh, my bad. That was a Photo op.

Then he goes on Come…

How Low Can You Go?

'You' being Facebook.

(Which, BTW, I am not now nor will be a user of)



Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi.In other words, Facebook put the Navy SEALS in timeout in order to shield Obama. 

How low can you go?

Be sure to read the comments (383).

Benghazi-gate Obama-says-benghazi-murders-not-optimal

Benghazi-gate: The president reveals a disturbing callousness toward our war dead on yet another talk show. When will he tell jihadists to stop clinging to their guns and religion and fearing people not like them?

During the second presidential debate President Obama told challenger Mitt Romney that he found suggestions that he and his administration were covering up the truth about the terrorist attack on Benghazi for political reasons "offensive." He said he was the one who had to greet the coffins when they came home.

Then they deserve  more honor, respect and protection than they were given by their president in remarks made on yet another TV talk show. Appearing on "The Daily Show" Comedy Central, Obama told host Jon Stewart that the killing of our Libyan ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans was "not optimal."

Speaking of the administration's response to …

Obummer's Foreign Policy

Tonight is the last of the 2012 Presidential election debates and it will focus on foreign policy.
What is Obummer's foreign policy, you may wonder. 
My first inclination is to say that he has none, but well, sometimes pictures speak louder than words:

And we all know how well the Appeaser-in-Chief and his State Department have handled the Libya situation. Incompetently.

It's 3-am and Obama is Missing in Action
And so Is Hillary Clinton

Celebrity Nitwit: Letterman, Again

I don't watch this guy anymore, not because I don't think he's funny, he does have his moments, but I cannot abide his obviously biased politics.

Letterman called Mitt Romney a "felon" and suggested he does not pay income tax.
 "Yeah, we want to get a look at those tax returns because I believe we will discover that the man has not paid a nickel in United States federal income tax," Letterman said. "That’s right, we have a felon running for president."Letterman-suggests-romney-felon-because-didnt-pay-taxes
A letter from Price Waterhouse Coopers states that Romney paid an average of 20 percent in taxes every year from 1999 to 2009. His 2011 taxes were mostly paid on investment income.
WSJ article

Hey, dumbass Dave, what are your thoughts on Timothy Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury, who did not pay federal taxes because he forgot or he couldn't figure out how Turbo Tax works or some such crapola?


Ruffled Feathers

Kudos to the folks who bring us the letters   N-O-B-A-M-A

Big Bird Will Not Be Anyone's Political Muppet Puppet

A Not-So Moronic Media Moron

At last.
CBS Reporter Slams Obama Administration for Major Lie CBS News and "60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan took the gloves off last week, dropping her role as a disinterested journalist and delivering a speech in Chicago that criticized the Obama administration over its handling of the war in Afghanistan and the attack that killed four Americans in Libya.
Lara Logan is a South African television and radio journalist, and war correspondent. She is the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, and a correspondent for CBS's 60 Minutes. Wikipedia

Best Friends

Izismile: Belarusian_soldier_becomes_best_friend_for rescued_squirrel

Posted by: Xaniel

Pyotr Pankratov, a former Belarusian Special Forces warrant officer, saved this abandoned squirrel from death several years ago. Since then the animal called Masik has been the man’s best friend. Pyotr left the army three months ago and works as a taxi driver now, and Masik accompanies him all the time.

Another Social Progressive Agent at Work

Samantha Pawlucy, a 16-year old student who attendsCharles Carroll High School , wore a T-shirt to school on Friday. 

Her math teacher took exception, comparing her to "the worst racists in history -- the Ku Klux Klan."  (I see nothing Klannish about the above t-shirt.)

She then not only ordered the kid out of the classroom, she encouraged others to make fun of her and then went into the hall herself & tried to write on  Samantha's shirt.
In addition to the physical intimidation and interruption of education, teacher Lynette Gaymon told Samantha that wearing the shirt was the same as wearing a shirt featuring the KKK or Nazis. Ms. Gaymon added that "this is a Democratic school" and asked whether Samatha's parents were Republican.
Schools are supposed to be for the education of everyone, not just democrats, and the Pawlucy's political affiliations have nothing to do with you. 

And BTW, did you know that the KKK was started by the Democrats?

The teacher…

It's the Altitude

Al -the Goracle- Gore has resurfaced from the depths of irrelevancy to shift the blame for Barack Hussein Obama's poor debate performance from where it belongs (on Obummer's scrawny little shoulders) to ... and this is the truth, I'm not making it up ... Denver's altitude.

Gore blames Denver altitude
"Im going to say something controversial here. Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet, and you only have a few hours to adjust, I don't know ..." Are you freaking kidding me? 

I know that higher altitudes can have an  effect on the human body

but it's not like Obummer did anything strenuous like mountain climbing. He walked from the plane to the car to indoors.

Higher altitudes also have an effect on baking directions.
So, Stick a fork in Al. He's done.