April 21, 2008

The Latest War Atrocity

Phone Call from Dad Gets Kid Suspended

Dad = Master Sgt Morris Hill in Iraq

Kid = his son, Brandon, at school in Texas.

I can understand how disruptive cell phones ringing during class would be, assuming the educator in the classroom is actually doing some educating. But, that's another topic.

Brandon was not in class when he answered the phone.

And ...

... the father had apparently made an arrangement in advance with the assistant principal to allow his sons to receive calls from him.

“He had spoken with Mr. Fletcher,” said Pat Hill, the boys’ mother. “He thought there was an agreement understood that if he called either Joshua or Brandon at school, that everything was fine.”

“If this would have been the last phone call from my husband, and he’s (Brandon) in trouble for it and then has to deal with something happening to his dad, that would be even harder,” Mrs. Hill added.

Oh, yes. This was definitely an atrocity.

And I do not mean the phone call.

April 03, 2008

Mickey Mouse Terrorism?

A recent Reuters photograph of Hugo Chavez:

"Apparently, Chavez is incensed and called the photograph an act of "terrorism".” - Michelle Malkin

Senor Chavez also has no sense of humor, fun or whimsy.

But then, not many dictatorial thugs do.