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Only in America

This is making the e-mail rounds, but it's so very relevant, I had to post it:

10) Only in America ... could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 a plate campaign fund-raising event. 9) Only in America could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black. 40+% of all federal entitlements goes to black Americans- 3X the rate that go to whites, 5X the rate that go to Hispanics! 8) Only in America could they have had the two people most responsible for our tax code: Timothy Geithner (the head of the Treasury Department) and Charles Rangel (who once ran the Ways and Means Committee), BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.
7) Only in America ... can they have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting t…

Worth Noting

Forwarded to me, source and author Unknown:

During the 3-1/2 years of World War II that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, the U.S. produced: 22 aircraft carriers 8 battleships 48 cruisers 349 destroyers 420 destroyer escorts 203 submarines 34 million tons of merchant ships 100,000 fighter aircraft 98,000 bombers 24,000 transport aircraft 58,000 training aircraft 93,000 tanks 257,000 artillery pieces 105,000 mortars 3,000,000 machine guns 2,500,000 military trucks. We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb and ultimately defeated Japan and Germany. It's worth noting, that during the almost exact amount of time, the Obama administrati…

NObama's 2013 Top Ten List ...

Season's Greetings

Breaking news !!!

The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in Washington, DC this Holiday season. 

This is not for any religious reason; they simply have been unable to find three wise men or a virgin in the Nation's capitol.

There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

Mr. Grumpy's Traditional Fruitcake Recipe

Items needed:
4 oz. fruit bits 1 railroad tie Wood saw Large rubber mallet Safety goggles
Wearing your safety goggles, cut a one-foot section from the middle of your railroad tie. 
The resulting block of wood should be the size and shape of a loaf of bread. 
Then, take some fruit bits and pound them into the block with your rubber mallet. 
Spread the colors around or you might wind up with an ugly fruitcake! 
Then take the fruitcake and set it on top of your garage for a year. 
After 12 months, cover tightly in a plastic wrap and give your loved ones the timeless and enduring gift of fruitcake.
Disclaimer # 1: This is NOT a real fruitcake recipe. This is a JOKE. And I have to say this because there just might be someone out there somewhere who will make it and try to eat it.
    Disclaimer # 2: I am NOT a fruitcake-hater. I like Fruitcake (well, some, especially Claxton's)

Some Non-Traditional Xmas Trees

The Twelve Days of Florida Christmas


WHY is this country flying our flag at half-staff for even one day to honor a democratic socialist, openly opposed to capitalism, private land-ownership and the power of big money, influenced by Marxism(wikipedia)

and has done exactly what for this country?

One word. Obummer

This is disturbing since Obummer essentially snubbed long-long-time world ally Great Britain:

Obama-snubs-Thatcher-attends-Mandela Funeral On Friday, the White House announced that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama would travel to South Africa next weeks to pay their respects to Nelson Mandela. Obama has already announced that the White House will fly the flags at half-staff though December 9 in Mandela’s honor.

When former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died, President Obama did not lower the White House flags, nor did he attend her funeral, instead sending ex-Secretaries of State George Shultz and James Baker III. The Sun reported, “[Downing] Street is most angered by rejections from Ob…

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