December 28, 2013

NObama's 2013 Top Ten List ...

 ...of people and things thrown under NObama's Hope and
 Change Bus:

Ten People-Groups-and-Countries Thrown Under Obama's  Bus in 2013

by Kerry Picket

One of the hallmarks of the Obama Administration has been a pass-the-buck mentality where President Barack Obama rarely claims responsibility for scandals or failures. In 2013, this trend continued, with federal agencies, political allies, service members, and even whole countries thrown under Obama's bus.

1. Obama Blames  Secret Service for Cancelled White House Tours - 3/13/13

2. Obama Forces Out IRS Official In Wake Of Agency Scandal - 5/15/13

3. Obama Forces Out Fed Chair Ben Bernanke - 6/23/13
4. Obama Turns On Egypt  - 7/3/13

5. Obama Keeps Vice President Joe Biden out of the picture - 7/31/13

6. No U.K. Ambassadorship for Vogue's Wintour From Obama -  8/2/13

7. White House Blocks Access To Veterans Memorial During Government Shutdown - 10/1/13

8. Sen. Dick Durbin Backpeddles on Accusation Against GOP After White House Corrects Him - 10/23/13

9. Revealed: Obama Admin Knew Millions of Americans Would Lose Their Health Insurance - 10/29/13

10. Israel Blasts Obama Over Iranian Nuke Deal - 11/25/13

Some Comments:

First of all the reining (sic) party has absolute power (the Repubs are so fractured and full of cronyism, they are worthless) and second, if you attack Obama's agenda you are deemed racist. The blade held over America's head is if you try to impeach Obama or bring him to justice, a race war will ensue. Obama and Jarret both made statements that when they get in power there will be hell to pay.

I'm sorry, but... I just can't see Barry as having the smarts to take the helm of the conspiracy. There's somebody else pulling the strings. Somebody, somewhere has the goal of creating a worldwide socialist/communist State... and they're doing a pretty good job of setting it up.
The impending collapse of the entire insurance industry is the perfect example.
Insurance rules investments on nearly every financial endeavor undertaken.
The entire "Obamacare" system is designed to fail, so that we can be "saved" by a single-payer system provided by our "generous" government.
Properly run, I might be OK with a single-payer system.
The problem is that it would be run by the same incompetents that run the DMV, the IRS, and the NSA
Obama is the most despicable, incompetent and dishonest president in all American history. The only thing protecting him from impeachment and prosecution is his skin color.


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