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How It Works (or Doesn't)

And this is why we have added over 200,000 new government employees in the past two years, and no one can explain why we are still in a recession. It's not a good time to be an ant.

Let's FURLOUGH This Guy

Sequestration be damned!

Despite Obummer's $100 MILLION Africa trip,

Obummer and family are going on vacation!

I wonder if the folks in  Detroit will get a postcard.

Furlough. Impeach. Both.

Question of the Day

Instead of spending a day (or a minute) 'honoring' a kid

 who was suspended from school (twice), used illegal drugs, was sent to stay with his father's girlfriend because his mother apparently didn't want him in the house, and got himself killed while assaulting someone ...

Why don't we honor this kid:

Temar Boggs

or this kid:    Jaron Holliday

even though Barack Hussein Obummer hasn't claimed that either could have been 'his son' or 'him 35 years ago' .

R.I.P. Schoep

Schoep and his owner John Unger made headlines last year when a local photographer snapped this photo:

photo: Hannah Stonehouse Hudson
So, what's special about this?
Read:  Man and Dog

Schoep died last week at age 20.

Special Offer

This would be way funnier if there weren't some truth to it:

Enough Already

When will people finally get fed up with this arrogant, talentless, thoughtless brat?

Justin Bieber


= lack of equality between people or things. 


In the Barack Hussein Obummer administration there is

No money for our military:
Military budget cuts
Military budget cut disaster National Guard Soldiers, Airmen to be Furloughed
even on a smaller scale:    Military-closes-cuts-hours-some-swimming-pools

But there is money, and lots of it, for:
Obama's Africa trip First family trip to Africa cost up-to-$100M
and on a larger scale:
Obama's plan to boost power in sub-Saharan Africa

 to the tune of 7 Billion American-tax-payer dollars.
But why not, when you're Living Large in the Obama White House
Some of those 7 Billion American-tax-payer dollars could should be used for AMERICAN issues, like the crumbling  infrastructure ... which Obummer constantly reminds us that he needs to spend lots'n'lots of money on, but hasn't.

4 July 2013

News Photos of the Day

Not hearing about / seeing these photos from Egypt on the MSM, are we?:

From-Tahrir-Square Protests

Ann Patterson is the US Ambassador to Egypt