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Super Moon Tonight!

Academic Superstars? NOT

Not hearing about THIS on the MSM national news, are we?


by Perry Chiaramonte:
In the hallowed halls of Columbia University, a nest of ex-cons — who have served time for murder, attempted murder, robbery and assault — hold court on their unique brand of social justice for admiring students enrolled in the school's social work program, a investigation has found.

The ex-cons work for or with the Criminal Justice Initiative (CJI), co-founded in 2009 by former Weather Underground operative and Columbia adjunct professor Kathy Boudin, who pleaded guilty to felony murder for her role in an infamous 1981 armed robbery that left two police officers and a security guard dead. And while that case was well-publicized, the group is hardly upfront about the “practical experience” of Boudin and others associated with the CJI.

Boudin was a member of radical leftist group the Weather Underground, which was responsible for num…

Above and Beyond

Can you guess what this is?

Right. They are dog tags.
But not just any dog tags. It is a memorial sculpture entitled "Above and Beyond" comprised of imprinted dog tags honoring the 58,000+ American servicemen and women who died in the Vietnam War.
They are part of a display at the   National Veterans Art Museum
Note: They are not currently on display due to the museum's relocation

Fathers' Day 2013

New and Improved Health Care Plan:

Works for me!