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The Audacity of Hype

Check this out:
The Obama Event Registry
Barack Hussein Obama wants us to forgo our gifts (birthday, wedding, whatever) in lieu of donations to his re-election  campaign. 
What Unbelievable. Arrogant. Pompous. Audacity. 
Hat tip to  Weaselzippers Be sure and read some of the 1,302 comments.
Some of my favorites:
Thuder Lizard: If this had been any other president, including Billy and Jimmy, I would have immediately called “hoax.” Sadly that is not the case this time. The arrogance and unmitigated gall of this man and the people around him still manages to surprise me, and after 3 1/2 years, I thought nothing he did could surprise me.
Maxwell: I can’t imagine the Obama family forgoing ‘anything’ for anyone else, million dollars vacations, weekly golf outings and Mexican vacations for children, this family thrives on the income of others.
 Apache MTP:  Next he will ask kids to run lemonade stands for him and sell cookies. But of course not his (kids).
One American Says: Forgo the gravy bow…

Fallen Hero: Cpl Taylor Baune, USMC

Cpl. Taylor J. Baune, 21, of Andover, MN, died June 13 while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Twentynine Palms, Calif
Baune enlisted in the Marine Corps on Sept. 4, 2008, 1st Marine Division officials said. The infantryman was serving his first deployment to Afghanistan.
His decorations include the Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, the National Defense Service Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and the NATO Medal-ISAF Afghanistan.
Graveside service will be 1 PM Monday, June 25, 2012 at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Please respect TJ's wishes by wearing colorful, cheerful clothing - no black.
Cpl Baune, a newlywed, was the 2,000th death in the decade-old 'War on Terror.'
Requiescat in Pace, Marine

This Nation Will Remain The Land Of The Free  …

The Killing: Who Killed Rosie Larsen

Tonight we'll finally know.
It's supposed to be someone surprising.
For the last 25 episodes, the writers have deftly pointed the finger of blame at various suspects.
It's Jasper. No, it wasn't. It's Belko. No, it wasn't. It's Bennett. No, it wasn't. 
The last couple of episodes it has seemed that Jamie is the guy.
Even tho Jamie was wearing a hoodie in the elevator (as shown by the security camera) ... and the person chasing Rosie through the forest was wearing a hoodie ... and both Jamie and the unknown-as-yet chaser are of smallish build ... I'm thinking that no, it isn't ...
My personal guess is:  Terry, Rosie's aunt  and here's why: Terry had a thing with married man Michael Ames (Jasper's dad and my original #1 suspect), even telling Stan they were talking about having kids and he was going to buy her a house. I think maybe M.A. made an indecent proposal to Rosie while she was working at the casino ... which she turned down ... but …

Fathers' Day

Standing Watch

Honorary Marine
Before he died, 12-year-old Cody Green achieved his dream of becoming a United States Marine. 
Green had always admired the strength and courage of the Marines says his father, David Snowberger. 
Snowberger tells an Indiana-based television station the Marines decided Green had showed "strength and honor and courage" through his health battles. 
The Marines decided to make the boy an honorary member, giving him navigator wings. 
However, for one Marine, that wasn't enough. 
The night before Green died, one Marine stood guard at the boy's hospital door all night long, for eight hours straight, Snowberger says. 
Green had leukemia since he was 22 months old. He had successfully battled the cancer three times and was cancer-free. However, the chemotherapy had lowered his immune system. He died from a fungus that attacked his brain.

Requiescat in Pace, Marine

Flag Day 2012

Thought for the Day

I Am a ~Politically Incorrect~ American

Whoever wrote this said it better than I ever could. It was posted ....well,  check the end of the post, you may be surprised.

I'm an American
I am sick of "Political Correctness".

I know a lot of black people, and not one of them was born in Africa; so how can they be "African-Americans"?

I don't go around saying I am Irish-American because my great-great grandfather was from Ireland. I am proud to be from America and nowhere else!

I don't believe being a minority makes you noble or victimized nor entitles you to anything.

I don't believe that I have to be tolerant of others because they are different or weird or stupid.

I believe that reparations for slavery is nonsense.  One injustice (slavery) cannot be corrected by another injustice (taking money from an innocent party).   I've never owned a slave, and a large percentage of our forefathers didn't own one either. Please stop blaming me because 100 years ago some white (and black) people did. …