June 17, 2012

The Killing: Who Killed Rosie Larsen

Tonight we'll finally know.

It's supposed to be someone surprising.

For the last 25 episodes, the writers have deftly pointed the finger of blame at various suspects.

It's Jasper. No, it wasn't. It's Belko. No, it wasn't. It's Bennett. No, it wasn't. 

The last couple of episodes it has seemed that Jamie is the guy.

Even tho Jamie was wearing a hoodie in the elevator (as shown by the security camera) ... and the person chasing Rosie through the forest was wearing a hoodie ... and both Jamie and the unknown-as-yet chaser are of smallish build ... I'm thinking that no, it isn't ...

My personal guess is:  Terry, Rosie's aunt 
and here's why:
Terry had a thing with married man Michael Ames (Jasper's dad and my original #1 suspect), even telling Stan they were talking about having kids and he was going to buy her a house. I think maybe M.A. made an indecent proposal to Rosie while she was working at the casino ... which she turned down ... but Terry heard or saw something that she misinterpreted ... and killed Rosie. 

Okay, so here's the next big question:
Will Linden and Holder be back next year?
I really hope so.

 All Photos: AMC

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