December 06, 2013


WHY is this country flying our flag at half-staff for even one day to honor a democratic socialist, openly opposed to capitalism, private land-ownership and the power of big money, influenced by Marxism (wikipedia)

and has done exactly what for this country?

One word. Obummer

This is disturbing since Obummer essentially snubbed long-long-time world ally Great Britain:

On Friday, the White House announced that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama would travel to South Africa next weeks to pay their respects to Nelson Mandela. Obama has already announced that the White House will fly the flags at half-staff though December 9 in Mandela’s honor.

When former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died, President Obama did not lower the White House flags, nor did he attend her funeral, instead sending ex-Secretaries of State George Shultz and James Baker III. The Sun reported, “[Downing] Street is most angered by rejections from Obama, First Lady Michelle and Vice-President Joe Biden....

Some comments:

 Seriously, get lost, hide down there from your lies and failures for the rest of your term. I could care less what Veronica and Jug Head do, where they go, or what they say. Someday soon "Our long national nightmare will be over"and class can return to the White House.

 I think Obama gave a big sigh of relief yesterday. This will serve as a media distraction from Obamacare and he can stand there and let all his fawning admirers make comparisons to him and Mandela.

He couldn't attend the 150th of Gettysburg,because of a scheduling conflict.
A date known for the last 150 years.

He can attend the funeral of Mandela.
A date known for only a day.

Well the Mandela funeral is halfway around the world while Gettysburg is only 60 minutes away. Don't want the engines on AF1 to get too cool. And how long has it been since Michelle has had a foreign vacation?

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