April 05, 2009

Guns & Missiles & Nukes, Oh My!

Barack Hussein Obama has called for a "world without nuclear weapons", which means that we (The USA) will have none while North Korea and Iran continue developing them.

Make no mistake, that is what they are doing.

And I'm pretty sure that Russia, India and Pakistan will not be giving up their entire arsenals. Maybe a few older bombs,
you know, to look good.

How secure does that make you feel?

It's kinda like the anti-gun lobby wanting to
disarm the citizens by legislating gun control.

All this does is prevent the honest folks who believe in self-protection from having the means to do just that.

Meanwhile the bad guys keep their guns.

So the next time you're confronted by someone waving something that shoots a supersonic projectile (bullet) in a shopping center parking lot, or in your workplace, or classroom, or even in your own home, maybe you can quote the proposed gun control laws to them.

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