July 08, 2009

Now I AM Pissed

I just now had to turn off the morning Fox and Friends show.

I am fed up to the ears with the continuous news coverage of Michael Jackson's death. He did not contribute anything to this world other than entertainment. H is death was not due to any sort of heroic cause. He is not a hero.

Now we have to hear about Michael Jackson's 11-year-old daughter's 'emotional speech' at her father's Memorial Extravaganza.

The child did not give a speech. There were no tears on her face.

See for yourself.

I am not slamming the child. I am not saying she didn't love her daddy.

I am taking issue with the media.

And the Jackson Family's attempt at drumming up pathos.
(There might be a DVD to sell.)

If you want real emotion and real tears, go to a funeral for a real hero.

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