July 20, 2009

What's Important

To paraphrase the words of Glenn Beck, "Blood just might start spurting from my ears".

I made a mistake this morning and didn't change the channel fast enough (or turn it off) when the Rachel Ray show came on. I have nothing personal against Ms Ray, I just don't watch her show.

The title of today's show:

"I'd Trade My Husband For A Housekeeper"

The two blonde guests, aka modern homemakers, expressed their angst about having to find a balance between time for themselves, time with their husbands, time with their kids, time with their husbands AND kids; they wonder about their roles and hope that their husbands will do their share; and they hope the laundry gets folded correctly.

They should talk to military wives whose angst is often expressed as hope that they'll see their husbands again.

You Tube vid: gunnywife Sept 2006

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