September 27, 2009

He's a Rowdy Republican

While roaming around the blogosphere... clicking here and there, reading this and that... I happened upon someone I'd like to nominate as the next POTUS, or my next husband. Either way, I like his attitude. Here's his profile:

This blog started out as a rant against a disloyal Republican. I was proud to vote for Ronald Reagan. I was happy to vote for little Bush the 1st time and was dumbfounded when he turned over the "No Child Left Behind" bill to Teddy "The Lifeguard" Kennedy. Even Mary Jo hasn't voted for him in years.

I believe the death penalty should be run like a barbershop with two chairs, no waiting. I think we should offer to tie the tubes of every welfare mom as she gives birth. I think there should be a weight limit on food stamps. I believe the USA is circling the porcelain drain. If you have kids you may want to think about an exit strategy. As for me, I'll stay and fight for freedom and the constitution we haven't used in years. The current crop of Republicans are Democrat Light so they get skewered here as often as the libs.

I left the world of stupid corporate decisions December 31, 2007. Had 25 + years in medical sales the last 20 at Mallinckrodt/ Tyco/ Covidien as the company was sold.

I consider myself more of a Libertarian than a Republican but always a Conservative. Come join me in the world of common sense, God knows there is plenty of room in here for one more.

Interests include: collecting old political memorabilia, fishing, woodworking, boating, tap dancing, competitive tiddlywinks, dry underwear, tweaking

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