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Barky Obummer's Priorities

Yesterday afternoon, when Barack Hussein Obama made his initial public mention of the shootings/murders at Fort Hood, he FIRST spent two and half minutes thanking the Department of the Interior, plus giving a "shout-out" to Joe Medicine Crow, smiling and waving while he did so. THEN, our so-called Commander-in-Chief deigned to mention the violence at Fort Hood.

And guess what. In all of the replays on national news, including FOX, the FIRST two and a half minutes have been edited out, so that we have the impression that Barack Hussein Obama spoke only about the shootings/murders at Fort Hood.

Guess what else. Someone captured the actual broadcast.
Notice the news banner, listen to his words, watch the timer.
The news from Ft. Hood should have been at the top of the list for the
Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces.  And that's BEFORE the media manipulation.

I am outraged at the insensitivity of Barack Hussein Obama, POTUS and Commander-in-Chief (as he keeps reminding us). And I am outraged at the continuing manipulation by the media to make this  arrogant community organizer look competent.

A Disconnected President

NOTE: Joe Medicine Crow is a Medal of Freedom winner - NOT a Medal of Honor winner.


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