November 23, 2009


Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama want an accountable, transparent government in Afghanistan -- as far as that can happen -- and a strong stand against corruption.

Okay, let's first consider the CO-presidency of which Hillary was a part.

If you google: 'Clinton presidency corruption', you get 2,740,000 returns.

Remember Whitewater? Cattlegate? Travelgate? Filegate? Vandalgate? Chinagate? Lippogate? Zippergate? Fostergate?  ad nauseum

Neither of the Clintons has ever accepted accountability for anything.

Now google 'Obama corruption'103,000,000 returns.

Google 'Obama transparency'4,400,000 returns.

Guess what?  The Barack Hussein Obama administration has argued in a recent court filing that the Privacy Act does not apply to the Executive Office of the President. So much for the most transparent administration ever.
Judicial Watch

ACORN. SEIU. Czars. Suspected document fraud (birth certificate -and- Selective Service Registration). Blagogate. TARP.

And it's not even a year yet.

Hamid Karzai has nothing on these two.

And as far as government corruption goes, perhaps we should clean out our House (and Senate)  -  John Murtha. Charley Rangel. Maxine Waters, etal  -  before criticizing theirs.

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