November 05, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Stupid

I read the Disney newsgroups because I'm a Disney freak and reading what others have to say about their experiences can be entertaining, enlightening... and sometimes infuriating.

Like this excerpt from a recent trip report:

Please be kind, this is my forst (sic) trip report.

The vacation: Myself, Wife, Daughter (age 8) and Son (age 5)

We went to the marina and rented two sea-racers.  The last time I rented a watercraft at WDW was when I was a teenager and it was a 1-person watersprite on Bay Lake.  Now that swimming in those waters is down-right dangerous, I was intrigued to find that the ond (sic) 1-person sea-racers had been replaced by two-person mini-boats.

After signing paperwork that I would not allow my son to pilot the boat, once out of sight of the dock, he took over and showed a pretty good level of piloting skill. He especially enjoyed yelling to people he saw that he was a "pirate pilot! We also enjoyed watching my wife try to pilot a boat for the first time in her life...a few rough spots and a near collision, but lots of fun.

So what's my problem with this?

# 1 : Letting the 5-year old pilot the craft after signing the paperwork specifically stating you wouldn't.  The paperwork is there to protect you, your family, the other guests, and Cast Members. Had you/your wife/your son had an accident I doubt your trip report would have been as 'cute' as you think it was.
Some example you're setting for your kids, buddy.

# 2 : The writer is a school teacher.

I wonder if the concepts of 'honesty' and 'personal responsibility' ever enter into his lesson plans?

Perhaps he is a 'social progressive educator' who believes that taking responsibility is for the other person who is always at fault anyway.

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