January 03, 2010

President Footloose

Footloose: Having no attachments or ties; free to do as one pleases

I was just listening to our local news when the newsperson (I hesitate to use the word journalist) commented, "President Barack (Hussein) Obama is still enjoying some 'down time' in Hawaii."

So he is. At $4000 per night. Charged to the American tax-payer. Including those without jobs. If he wanted to get away, he couldn't have taken the family to Camp David?

And down time

Must be that he's tired from all the shifting blame (it's Bush's fault)  and all the dodging and weaving instead of doing his job.

Maybe he's tired from all the self -promotion and traveling:

to New York and back for the Walter Cronkite tribute;

to Copenhagen and back TWICE
 - lobbying for the 2014 Olympics even tho Michelle and Oprah were already there (they took the smaller AF One, also at taxpayer expense); he spent all of  4 hours in Copenhagen and left before the decision was announced;
 - and for the Climate conference (he came back with nothing, but Scty of State Hillary did manage to promise $100,000,000,000 (BILLION) taxpayer dollars to a bunch of dead-end countries;

to Oslo and back to receive the (Ig)Nobel Prize;

to Chicago and back for Valentine's Day with the wife;

to Hawaii and back for a $4000 per night 10-day Holiday:

None of which were essential presidential state business.

But NOT to Berlin for the 20th anniversary for the Fall of the Wall (Barky refuses to acknowledge any accomplishment by any GOP president) , NOR to any war zone to visit the troops on the holidays. Go figure.

Not to mention:

Dec 24-Jan 2 Hawaii:   Christmas  Vacation
Dec 18  Copenhagen
Dec 4    Allentown, PA: White House To Main Street Economic Tour

Dec 1    West Point (Speech)
Nov 19  Seoul South Korea
Nov 17-18  Beijing, China
Nov 16   Shanghai, Beijing
Nov 15   Singapore
Nov 12-14 Japan 

Nov 12-15 17th Singapore Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting
Nov 12  Alaska, Elmendorf AFB
Nov 11  Veteran's Day Breakfast with Mrs. Obama, Laying of the Wreath
Nov 10  Memorial at Fort Hood
Nov 4   Madison WI Race to the Top on Education
Nov 3, 4  European Union in Washington D.C.
Nov 1   New Jersey (Campaign)
Oct 27  Arcadia Florida, noon
           Norfolk, Virginia  Creigh Deeds Rally (campaign)
Oct 26  Naval Air Station Jacksonville; Miami: Fundraiser
Oct 23  Connecticut: dinner With President and Senator Dodd
Oct 23  Boston: Speech; luncheon for Gov Patrick (campaign)
Oct 21  Hackensack, New Jersey
Oct 20  New York City
Oct 16  College Station, Texas
Oct 15  New Orleans; San Francisco: DNC fundraiser
Sept 24-25 Pittsburgh: G-20 Summit     
Sept 24 NY: Summit-level meeting of the UN Security Council
Sept 23 NY: Speech to the UN General Assembly        
Sept 22 Speech To UN Meeting On Climate Change
Sept 21 Troy, NY: Hudson Valley Community College
Sept 17 College Park MD
Sept 15 Pittsburgh: AFL-CIO Convention
Sept 15 Lordstown, Ohio
Sept 12 Minneapolis
Sept  7  Cincinnati, OH: AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic
Sept 2-6  Camp David
Aug 29  Boston: Funeral Mass for Ted Kennedy
Aug 23  MA: Martha's Vineyard
Aug 17  Phoenix Speech To VFW
Aug 16  Grand Canyon/ Phoenix
Aug 15  Yellowstone/Grand Junction, CO
Aug 14  Bozeman MT
Aug 11  Portsmouth, NH: Town Hall
Aug 9-10 Guadalajara, Mexico: North American Leaders Summit
Aug 6   Tysons Corner Fundraiser
Aug 5   Elkhart IN
Aug 3   George Mason University
Aug 1,2  Camp David
July 29  Raleigh, NC,
July 29  Bristol Virginia Townhall With Kroger Employees
July 23  Cleveland
July 23  Private Fundraising Dinner

           Chicago: DNC Fundraisers  
July 16  NJ: campaign rally for Jon Corzine
           NAACP 100th Anniversary New York City
July 14  Detroit, MI: Speech (not townhall)
            St. Louis, MO: All Star Game First Pitch
July 11  Accra, Ghana
July 8-9  G8 L'Aquila, Italy: G8           
July 6-8  Moscow, Russia: Nonproliferation Summit          
July 5     President and First Lady leave for Moscow  
July 2-4  Camp David

June 15  Chicago: American Medical Association
June 11  Green Bay, WI:  Southwest High School

June 7   Paris
June 6   D-Day 65th Ceremony / Visit Paris
June 5   Germany: Meeting With Chancellor Merkel
            Buchenwald Concentration Camp
June 4   Egypt: Speech to Muslim World at Cairo University
June 3   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (bow to King Abdullah)
June 2   Saudi Arabia
May  30 NYC - “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone”
May  27 Los Angeles: DNC fundraiser
May  26 Las Vegas Fundraiser for Harry Reid
May  25 Wreath Laying at Arlington
May  23 Camp David - Memorial Day Weekend
May  22 Annapolis U.S. Naval Academy Graduation
May  17 Notre Dame Commencement          
May  14 Albuquerque NM Town Hall  
May  13 Arizona State University Commencement       
April 29 Arnold, MO: 100 Days Speech
April 22 Iowa
April 17-19  Trinidad and Tobago
April 16  Mexico City
Apr    7 Iraq
Apr 6-7 Turkey  

Apr   4  Czech Republic, Obama Speech in Prague
Apr   3  Baden Baden
Apr   3  Strasbourg Town Hall
Mar 31-Apr 3 London
Mar 21  Camp David
Mar 18  Costa Mesa: Town Hall
Feb 19  Canada 

Feb 14  Chicago: Valentines Day
Feb 19  Camp David

Obama Travels

Man! If it weren't for campaigning for any-person-thing registered as Dummycrat, date night with the wife, or self-promotion... he'd be sitting in that boring Oval Office actually having to be presidential instead of acting like it.

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