May 31, 2010

POTUS on Memorial Day

Much ado is being made of Barack Hussein Obama's absence from Arlington National Cemetery this particular day. After all, he is the POTUS and Commander-in-Chief.

But consider the abysmal records of other POTUSes:

Jimmy Carter did not attend a single time.
Surprising since he was a former Navy man.

Ronald Reagan missed 4 (out of 8) Memorial Day services.

George H.W. Bush did not attend once during his term as POTUS.

George W. Bush attended every year 2003 and after.
Dubya was in France in 2002, attending Memorial Day services at Normandy.

And Bill Clinton?
President Bubba attended all 8 years of his presidency.
This was a guy who had to be taught -after he was elected- how to salute.

Go Figure.

This Nation Will Remain The Land Of The Free
Only So Long As It Is The Home Of The Brave.
- Elmer Davis

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