January 25, 2011

'Date Night' at the State of the Union

For tonight's State of the Union address, some Congressmen have said they would 'cross the aisle'  to show bi-partisanship, a move reputedly proposed by Mark Udall (D/CO).

I find it interesting that a particular political party is suddenly so interested in promoting a show of congressional cooperation (after two years of in-your-face non-cooperation).  

A different take on tonight's festivities has been put forth by the Opinionated Fool. He believes that with traditionally separate seating at State of the Union addresses, one can easily see party reaction to the POTUS' statements. But with a Date Night, when the Democrat / current POTUS makes a progressive statement, it will now appear to have a larger show of support.

Republicans just can't seem to see it coming.

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