January 30, 2012

The Hypocrite-in-Chief

Paul Ryan (R/WI), House Budget Committee member, has the right idea:

"We are not getting the kind of leadership we need from the outside. At the time when America needs it the most, we have a debt crisis on our horizon. The Senate hasn't budgeted for 1,005 days now. The president is not even proposing to tackle this fiscal crisis.

"So, what we need is a new president and a new Senate, and we need to give the country a very specific plan, a set of ideas of how we're going to solve these problems and let the country choose in November what they want America to become."
 Fox News politics: Obama no longer calling Bush increases unpatriotic

Perhaps Barack Hussein Obama should take some time off from 1) taking vacations, 2) the campaign tour, 3) whatever else the hell he does besides the job he was elected to do.

O, but wait ... then he'd be in Washington, spending and borrowing and spending. Never mind.

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