January 18, 2012

Save Snoopy !

A Deltona judge will decide on January 25th if Snoopy will be euthanized.

His offense?

Defending himself from an unprovoked attack by another dog.

Snoopy, a pitbull mix, was being walked by his owner. Snoopy was on a leash.
The other dog, also on a leash -which the owner was NOT holding- ran across the street and began growling, barking and biting at both Snoopy and his owner.

Snoopy bit back in defense.
Now, Snoopy was supposed to be wearing a muzzle because he was labeled a "dangerous dog" for an attack on a different dog and owner in 2007.

UPDATE: My information was from a news article on the web. I have been contacted by a reader who wrote the following: 
 Please CORRECT the misinformation in your article wherein you state that the 2007 incident was "an attack on a different dog and owner in 2007." The 2007 incident was a tussle between two dogs in the same household - two "siblings" arguing - the guardian of both these dogs is Snoopy's guardian. The other dog was Oscar, Snoopy's "brother" and it was a family argument. Oscar and Snoopy went on to live happily and safely together for years after this disagreement, until Oscar died of natural causes. Please CORRECT the misinformation in your article immediately.
Now why Snoopy would have been labeled "dangerous" and sentenced to wear a muzzle for this incident, I do not know. 


But, Snoopy did not start this and it wasn't his fault he wasn't wearing a muzzle.
“How do you put a dog down because he didn't have a muzzle on? That should be me. That's my fault. Not his fault. Fine me,” said Bob Johnson, Snoopy's owner.

I don't much like pit bulls.
But I don't believe that Snoopy should die.
And neither do the folks who have signed the on-line petition.

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