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Oops, His Bad!

In the rush to judgement, just forget waiting for the facts and evidence, go ahead and trample the innocent.

I hope that Mr. and Mrs. McClain sue the baggy pants off Marcus Davonne Higgins and Spike Lee:

OOPS, my bad!

Some of the 223 comments:

I hope they receive a mountain of cash in a lawsuit against Lee and the other radicals carelessly throwing about their address!

"Star erroneously linked Floridians to man who killed Trayvon Martin".
"Erroneously"? Try stupidly and irresponsibly.

Isn't that nice....Obama's friends are terrorizing an old couple. Of course his look-alike son ( the little angel ) wouldn't want to see that happen. But you know, if some of those old white folks get capped, that would be o.k. because...they are all racist yada yada yada.

It really shows what hateful, spiteful, evil people liberals often are. Zimmerman hasn't been charged with anything. Essentially he's already been acquitted. Eventually the liberals will walk away. And will look for the next innocent person to destroy.

It's so true, and it really is ironic considering the lynch mobs that existed 100 years ago that blacks are so fond of bringing up as proof of modern day racism. The negros are now forming the lynch mob.

 Meanwhile, as Jesse Jackson , Al sharpton and Obama Pursue their war on whitie, the cost of gas and healthcare skyrockets, and millions of easily distracted democrats forget how crappy his hope and change is working out. Oh... And senate democrats submit a budget that will add another 6 trillion dollars of debt.

If these people, Lee, were white they'd be called a lynch mob.

 Thank you for quoting the code. It reminded me that Obama administration put out a warning about 'militias' early on, but the warning was about Christian, conservative, returning war heroes in a bad economy. I wonder if they will now do something about this black militia calling for the 'capture of Zimmerman dead or alive' and their stating that if the system does give them justice, they will do it themselves? Or if they will go after Farrakhan for saying that vengeance is now legal? The Black Panthers are calling for vigilante justice, and this could incite riots and murder. Where is Janet 'domestic militias are dangerous' Napolitano in this?

 This could classify as terrorist behavior. Just as much as those thugs, the black panthers' putting out a 10k bounty on Zimmerman's head. Question is... where is the DHS? Why aren't they rounding up the punks and throwing their sorry A's into Gitmo with the other terrorists? Oh, I guess their too busy shoving their hands up the underwear of old ladies at the airport. And don't even get me started on Eric Holder, the panther's best homey.


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