June 03, 2009


Secret List Of Nuke Sites Accidentally Released.

Are you effing kidding?

Had anyone in the Previous Administration allowed this to happen, there would be screams for heads to roll!

But not in the era of Hope'nChange where the publication of a 266-page list of 103 U.S. nuclear sites, some of which were
"highly confidential safeguards sensitive", and which details the location and work done there, is apparently no big deal.

The list was published MAY 6th and just recently taken down!

"There are "zero" national security implications to the publication of this document", said Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Government's Project on Government Secrecy.

"I regret that some people are painting it as a roadmap for terrorists because that's not what it is," Aftergood said.

"This is not a disclosure of sensitive nuclear technologies or of facility security procedures. It is simply a listing of the numerous nuclear research sites and the programs that are under way," Aftergood said. "And so it poses no security threat whatsoever."

Hey, Mr Aftergood, perhaps you could define "highly confidential safeguards sensitive" and the reasons for this classification for me.

NOTE: I googled Steven Aftergood and got: www.fas.org/sgp/aftergood.html

However, the page would not load even after several attempts.
Too bad the site with The LIST didn't have that problem.

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