July 24, 2009

Acting Stupidly

Regarding the latest unbelievableness from Barack Hussein Obama...

Here's my take, in brief:

_Two people acted stupidly. 

Sgt. James Crowley was not one of them.

It is my observation that the one who screams RACIST first or loudest is always the biggest one.

_Henry Louis Gates, who is supposedly smart enough to be an educator at Harvard, should have been glad his neighbor even called the police._After saying he "did not have all the facts", Barack Hussein Obama should have replied "I cannot comment", then shut his mouth.

Will he apologize?
Doubt it. He's too busy reminding everyone that he is the president.

Perhaps Barack Hussein Obama has some sort of grudge against the Cambridge police? Check
THIS out.

And WHY did it take ten days for Barack Hussein Obama to comment on the explosive situation in Iran and ten minutes to comment on this?

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