December 14, 2009

Un-Bloody-Believable: Dhimmitude

The Rt Rev Stephen Venner , the new bishop for the U.K.'s Armed Forces:
"The Taliban can be admired for their Faith and Loyalty."

He does not want the Afghan insurgents "portrayed too negatively".

The Rt Rev Stephen Venner called for a more sympathetic approach to the Islamic fundamentalists that recognises their humanity.

What the hell?
Admiring their faith and loyalty? Their humanity?
These people whose faith values death over life? Whose faith includes stoning women to death? Whose humanity uses women and children as shields?

What's negative about that?

I wonder if Rev Venner has spent any time in the field with the troops in Afghanistan. I bet the answer is no.

Perhaps he and Peter Davies, the mayor of Doncaster who claimed "British society could learn from Taliban family values", could be guests of the Taliban. Experience the life. Without protection from any troops.

Hat/Tip: to Stable Hand at  The Jawa Report
 who comments:
When I first saw the headline in my inbox, I thought ah, satire. Nope. How many times have we heard "if only if we will be more nice to the terrorists".......?
I guess throwing acid in young girls faces doesn't matter to the Bishop, we just have to be nicer .... aaaarrrggghhhh. Jawa has an archive full of Taliban shit. Or the beheading archives, plenty there from the sick bastages.

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