January 18, 2010

Haiti Horribilius

According to the Local news , the American Red Cross wants to bring 45,000 Haitian refugees into Jacksonville, then disperse them across Florida with 4,000 coming to the Orlando area. And they may be given a fast track to visas so they can get jobs (yeah, right).

My problems with this:

#1  Barky Obummer has already promised an "immediate investment" of $100 MILLION to the Haiti relief fund. I guess we should feel lucky that he didn't use the B-word (as in billion).

#1a  Just what are we investing in?  Billions of $$ in taxpayer and private aid to Haiti hasn't worked in the past. 

Where will the money go?
Much of the U.S. government's aid to Haiti comes through the U.S. Agency for International Development, which has provided at least $800 million from budget years 2004 through 2008, agency figures show.

At least $700 million more was pledged for Haiti by governments, international givers and charities at an April 2009 donors conference.

#2 Will this become S.O.P for all international disaster victims?
       "The American Red Cross has seen massive migration into the U.S. from areas like Kosovo and Bosnia in the past"

#3  Are they gonna bring the ones running around the streets with machetes, looting and killing?

#4 With the US unemployment rate at about 10%, jobs should be offered to American citizens before refugees, emigres, whoever. Period.

#5 If the American Red Cross is suddenly overflowing with money for non-American citizens, they'd better not be poor mouthin' next time a hurricane rips up the Gulf Coast.

If Barky wants to spend money helping people, why the hell not start with the 2 million Native Americans who have been pretty much ignored by our government for decades?

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