March 18, 2010

$940 Billion

That's the newly announced price tag on the Health Care reform bill.

It's supposed to somehow reduce the deficit.

Obummer has whined to Dummycrats that his presidency depends on passing health care reform - this year.

And so, Madame Pelosi has urged the Dummycrats to sacrifce their jobs, if need be, to pass this legislation, which nobody with a working brain cell wants (in its current form). Let's start with her job.

The POTUS and Congress have forsaken every other issue - the economy, jobs, foreign policy (well, except for Israel which Obummer has pretty much thrown under the Hope'n Change bus), terrorism, and, oh yeah, that pesky war in Afghanistan, in order to concentrate on health care reform.

I guess community organizers aren't good at multi-tasking or organizing a government?

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