April 06, 2010

President Class-less

I happened to have the news on this morning when Barack Hussein Obama made his daily television appearance, ostensibly to make a comment on the  coal mine explosion in West Virginia, a terrible and deadly disaster with 4 men still missing.

And here comes Barack Hussein Obama, smiling and glad-handing the crowd.

Are his first remarks condolences to the families of the 25 dead miners?

An expression of concern for the missing?

Obummer gives shout-outs to Janet Napolitano and some other government flunky as well as to a childrens' chorus.

He did manage to look subdued when he got around to mentioning the disaster.

Does this arrogant elitist have no clue as to how to behave?

Obummer wants a classless society. He's got a pretty good start on the personally classless part.

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