April 01, 2010

Spring Break at Disney

The hubby and I walk (well, he jogs) almost everyday, sometimes on the treadmill, and sometimes around one of the Disney resorts.

Yesterday we did the 1.1 mile walk around Barefoot Bay at Caribbean Beach.

On my second lap I got caught behind a group of young men who looked to be of High School age, just returning from Lacrosse spring training at ESPN's Wide World of Sports. It's usually annoying to have to 'break stride', but there was an interesting conversation going on between the young fellas regarding one of their girlfriends who, happily for him, is a "squirter".  I wonder if any of their parents know what a squirter is.

Then one of them yelled "duck"! Then they all yelled "duck"! and lined up along the sidewalk. A duck had been spotted at the lake's edge. Now, Disney ducks are certainly in no danger of becoming extinct, but I don't believe in gratuitous duck abuse, so I had to slow down to see what this was all about. By some unknown method, a warrior had been chosen ... he made his way toward the duck ... when he was a few feet away, he flung himself at the duck, and landed face first in the grass ... the duck escaped quacking angrily but unscathed ... and all his teammates/friends laughed mightily. Since most of them had their camera phones out, look for this on 'America's Funniest Videos'.

Continuing my walk, I came up behind a group of 6 females, high school-aged. Their conversation regarded a boy named Hank and a girl named Kaley. Apparently Hank was the speaker's boyfriend but he was interested in Kaley and had suggested a three-some (giggles). Another girl announced that she would be interested in a threesome with Kaley, too (giggles). I wasn't sure if the make-up of this threesome would be Hank-Kaley-her, or Hank's GF-Kaley-her.  Two others suggested that they could join in and make it a fivesome. The last one spoke up saying "No, that would be an orgy" (laughter). They turned off the path towards the pool. It was a good thing Hubby was up ahead because he would've walked into the lake.

So. Parents, you might know where your children are, but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts you don't have a clue as to what they're doing or talking about doing.

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