August 23, 2010

Dummy Dave, Media Moron

 Dave Briggs  on Fox and Friends Weekend cemented his position as a Media Moron last Saturday with a couple of brilliant moronic remarks made within about 5 minutes of each other.

The 1st, a comment about Serena Williams, the foul-mouthed tennis diva who withdrew from the U.S. Open, "we need her back on the court". Um. NO, we don't.

Then, in a report about some political candidate who had been caught photo-shopping herself with some celebrity, then lied about it, insisting it was real, Dummy Dave says, "Good try". Like there isn't enough lying and cheating in politics without any sort of encouragement or approval.

Hopefully Dave will find himself doing sports (again) on some local podunk station. With my luck (not) it'll be here in Central Florida.

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