March 04, 2012

Col. Van T. Barfoot, R.I.P.

A World War II Medal of Honor winner who made headlines for his fight to fly an American flag in his Virginia front yard, has died. 

Retired Army Col. Van Thomas Barfoot was 92.
Barfoot gained national attention and even support from the White House in 2009 when he fought to keep his 21-foot flagpole at his Henrico County home after the homeowners association ordered it removed and threatened to sue him.

The association later backed off, but Barfoot's fight led to a state law making it tougher for homeowners associations to restrict the flying of the U.S. flag.
Jim Barfoot told WWBT-TV that his father died Friday after suffering injuries from a fall earlier in the week.

Van Barfoot's "extraordinary heroism, demonstration of magnificent valor, and aggressive determination in the face of pointblank fire" were an inspiration to his fellow troops in World War II and earned him a Congressional Medal of Honor. He also served in Korea and Vietnam, earning a Purple Heart.

Requiescat in Pace, Colonel

This Nation Will Remain The Land Of The Free 
Only So Long As It Is The Home Of The Brave
  - Elmer Davis

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Darlene said...

I cannot understand how so many people can count themselves as Americans, and want all the priveleges afforded Americans, but forget how to be an American and what it took to get us here. I am forever proud and thankful for soldiers like Col. Barfoot. His medal was just a way for simple people like us, to see how really extraordinary he was. Last salute, Colonel. Dan Royce, ist Armored Division