January 04, 2013


16 trillion, 432 billion, 706 million dollars

that this country, the USA, is in debt.

And yet, Congress, the people we elect to represent us, has just passed fiscal legislation that includes about $76 billion worth of special-interest-tax-breaks for you and me  Hollywood, Puerto Rico rum producers, the alternative energy industry and other special interests.

The same idiots morons lawmakers are now lambasting the decision to add all the goodies at the last minute.

So why pass it, you lawmakers idiots, morons?

I dunno if the  $9.7-billion-'Sandy'-bill  the new US Congress has passed  to help pay flood insurance claims is included in the $16 Trillion+ figure, but I'm guessing not..

And yes, I remember back in 2008  when Obummer promised


Yeah, Right.

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