November 09, 2013

He's Baaaack

"Charlie Crist is up to his usual tricks again, attempting to persuade voters that he's 'for the people' when we really know he's only for Charlie,” _ U.S. Rep Jeff Miller, R-Fla.

Formerly a Rino (Republican in Name Only) ...
then an Independent ...
now a Dummycrat,
Charlie wants the job as Florida's governor...

You remember, the job he had and phoned-in back in 2009 when he ran (unsuccessfully) for the U.S. Senate.

Apparently, Charlie's politics  and party affiliation change depending on whatever political position is the most expedient for the current election season. Examples:

The messy primary fight with (Marco) Rubio in the 2010 Senate race has made him far from the perfect Democratic messenger. He spent much of that race campaigning as a pro-gun, anti-abortion, small-government Republican, saying it would be hard to find anyone more conservative.

When GOP activists and donors rallied around Rubio, Crist mounted an independent bid.

After the loss, he began backing Democrats in state and federal races and campaigned for Obama in last year's election.
His position on abortion issues is not clear-cut. In 1998, Crist ran for Senate as a pro-choice candidate, and has stated that he opposes overturning Roe vs. Wade ... In the 2010 Senate campaign, Crist first presented himself a pro-life Republican but after he lost the Republican nomination and became an unaffiliated candidate, had all pro-life statements removed from his website...

Crist supported efforts to ban same-sex marriage in Florida, and supported the current ban on adoption by homosexual prospective parents... He shifted in June 2010, when he stated that he no longer supported Florida's ban on same-sex adoption.

"Charlie Crist isn't a man of the people. He's a man of the wind, going wherever it takes him. When faced with the challenges of governing, Charlie Crist shirked his duties in favor of pursuing his next political career move. He should have put personal ambition aside and buckled down to fix Florida's failing economy."_ Freshman U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis

Sorry, Charlie, you will not have my vote.

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