January 06, 2014

Moochelle's Happy Birthday

Barack Hussein Obama has left Moochelle in Hawaii after their 17-day Holiday vacation as a birthday present to her ... and the U.S. Taxpayers are picking up the tab yet again.

So that's airfare home, and by airfare I mean something the size of AF One. Plus Secret Service detail, plus meals and someone to cook them, plus cleaning, laundry and someone to do them, too, etc etc etc.

But this is nothing new for Moochelle.
Remember several years ago when she could not wait to get away to Hawaii, so she left in advance of her husband ... to the tune of an estimated $63,000 -$100,000 additional cost to the U.S. Treasury? 

  Man, 60,000 to 100,000 more just for an extension of a vacation...that is just depressing. I haven't had a vacation in years and as a tax payer this costs 3-5 times the amount I make in a year. They don't give two sh*ts about the poor imo and the laws coming out of Washington are suffocating. When is this gonna stop. I'm tired of getting pissed on by these "caring" people.

  Nancy Reagan, both Bush first ladies, and for all I know, H Clinton, did not chronically take vacations apart from their husbands. Moochell O. has done it to the point of obscenity. She has taken separate flights to Marthas Vineyard hours ahead of or behind her husband, at a cost of tens of dollars to the taxpayer.
   This 17-day vacation of the Obamas has cost us over $3 million already. Now, queen Moochelle is going to easily cost us that amount again.
   At a time when over 90 million Americans are without jobs, and our brave men and women In uniform are having benefits slashed, what the Obamas are doing is WRONG.

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