August 28, 2009

Don't Do It For Teddy

The Dummycrat's new rallying cry is "Do It For Teddy".

This is in reference to passing the god-awful Health Care Reform Bill.

Oh, yeah, voting for something as a memorial to someone regardless of its merit is always such a good idea. NOT.

I learned this lesson years ago during the 1964 presidential election.

My best friend's father said he was voting for the Democratic candidate (LBJ) in memory of the assassinated JFK.

Please note, he was not voting for Lyndon Baines Johnson, he was voting for a Democratic candidate ... no matter who it was.

And perhaps a lot of people felt that way because LBJ was elected and became one of the worst presidents ever. If you think Bush's war (Iraq) was bad, then just Google Vietnam War. That is LBJ's legacy.

Health Care Reform, as it is currently being promoted, is just as big a quagmire with just as far-reaching consequences.

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