August 26, 2009

What Goes Around ....

Comes around.

Back in 2004, when Senator John Kerry was the Dummycrat contender for POTUS, Teddyboy Kennedy did not want then-Governor Romney (Rep) to have the chance to appoint a *gasp* Republican as a replacement for Kerry in the Senate, should he somehow get elected.

So, the Massachusetts state legislature changed the law and gave control over the selection of senators to the voters. Now a special election must be held 145 - 160 days after a Senate seat becomes vacant. The winner would then serve out the remainder of the unexpired term.

Let the voters decide. Not a bad idea.

Now that Kennedy's Senate seat might become vacant soon, he wants
the governor and legislative leaders to disregard the democratic process and the laws of the Commonwealth and change the succession, again... back to the way it was ...
... Kennedy asks that Gov. Patrick be given authority to appoint someone to the seat temporarily before voters choose a new senator in a special election. -- Frank Phillips, Boston Globe
Even if this is merely a temporary appointment so that the Senate remains unbalanced (bwahaha) in terms of Democrat numerical majority ... Let the voters be damned, eh Ted?

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