October 26, 2009

Barky Obummer's Bias Is Showing, Again

I wonder why this isn't Headline News in the MSM:

Barack Hussein Obama offers Million$ in Muslim Technology Fund

Perhaps because the majority of Americans whose tax money is funding this idiocy would be outraged.

Read some of the 465 comments.

My Favorites:

Why not spend that money fixing America instead of fixing countries that'll end up using that against us? 

How many weeks of unemployment would that money fund? The Muslim Oil Sheiks have trillions. Let them help their own. We have enough problems here like 10% and growing unemployment. 

Why isn't there a bill to bolster Christian businessmen??? Isn't this just favoring one religion over another? Whatever happened to the liberal mantra of 'separation of church and state?' 

Let us remember that Barack Hussein Obama couldn't be troubled to put his hand over his heart for the Star-Spangled Banner   ... 

...  but bowed to Saudi King Abdullah.

So, how's that Transparent Hope and Change thing working for ya'?

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